Sometimes in December 2002, I got married to Mr x (11-07-1954), a man who during our period of courtship as a bachelor, was sympathetic, soft, protective, an ideal man who loved all women.

Some months after our marriage l saw my husband violent, wild, jealous, shabby and authoritative. My Mr husband is a man who loves to insult. Very often he abuses me as a prostitute, as a consumer. More painful, he threatened to kill me. Butwhat says of his aggressive character?

During 4 months of my pregnancy and even after delivery when the child was only a few month old, he beat me regularly without any reason. Ihave in my possession photos and certificates. He is a husband who doesn’t know a husband’s habitual duties obligations. There is total absent of dialogue. He never tells me of his projects. He abandons the family and leaves only me to struggle to feedThe house When he tries and gives 500fcfa for food, he insists that it should be for at least 3 days. This has still been the case even after the birth of my son. More so, my husband is not faithful, he has a lot of girl friends, he goes to the point of bringing them to our matrimonial home and encouraged them to provoke and even beat me if l dare questioned them. For him l am not his wife. In his own words “after making children, l shall put you outside. After all, you are a bearing mother” He is champion of all categories of maltreatment. During pregnancy, l passes days without eating an even after, l and my son were abandoned to ourselves not because he lacks the means, but just because of bad faith or lack of will; because, not only he is a tailor,but also owner of buildings he is renting out. As he said it himself “the rents of my houses are to take care of my mistresses or girl friends”. In order to prevent my family from knowing all these things, he prohibits me from visiting my family; to greet neigbours or friends. He leaves me without food, money, l struggled hard to get a small nursing job in one clinic in order to take care of myself and our son. Disatisfy with that, he goes to my place of work to cause problem, insulting nurses and medical doctors something which the head of the clinic did not like and wanted to dismiss me; what would I have done if I was sack? I would have continued to suffer. I am not the only to experience this. He has been married many times with many young girls with whom he has children but none has ever withstand the marriage for 07 months as a result of bad manners or handling. The last before me abandon her marriage as a result of abortionfollowing repeated beatings from my husband.

I thought that since l loved him, l will be able to change him through love, l decided to suffer for that but without change, refusing to leave my job, he has continue beaten me to the point of death with an iron, naked, in open in the quarter and l was only saved thanks to the intervention ofneighbours.He has promised to destroy my life whether l am with him or not, keeping saying that one day my family will discover me without life; since he has promised to kill me and eventually kill himself, so that the two of us should lose, and that if it is not possible to kill me, he will endeavour to turn me into a fool. Since then, I leave in our matrimonial home with constant fear, each day of my life. If l have supported for 4 years, it is because l thought things will change but l have been deceived, and l can not again. When he sees a member of my family, he becomes submissive and welcoming. I suffered like this alone, without complaining to my family. What can a wife without affection expect from a violent and authoritative husband? What does the future holds for me, apart of death, in this case where only my life is at stake? How can l break the chains with which l am being chained? I have taken the resolution not to live with him anymore, because l am very miserable.

Sincerely l doesn’t want this marriage again, what can I do else? for this adultery, moral and material abandonment, constant violence, other than given up, by divorcing?

 Please, let me know the procedure to divorce.