II – Handicapped woman

In WCIC we work to help marginalized and poor women. One group in the Cameroonian society is for sure marginalized and poor, the handicapped. They are treated as non-existing by their fellow citizens and they get no aid from the government nor appliances to help them earn a living and transport themselves. Therefore they are extremely dependant on family and relatives’ will to help.

We in WCIC experienced what it means to be in this situation, after a handicapped woman told us her story.

The woman came to center one morning in a three wheeled chair pushed by a random man she had met in the street. She can only get around by asking people if they care to push her paying them some money. In this case she had covered quite a distance to reach the center. The wheelchair has a trunk advertising for Maggi bouillon. It’s a saleswoman who has given it to her, so she’s able to earn a little bit of money selling Maggi bouillon from the trunk.

The woman is limb in one side of her body having only one arm and one leg to help her navigate, which makes it impossible for her to push the wheels. She has been limb since she was small because of a children disease against which she didn’t get a vaccine. Now she’s become older and she has had enough.

Her own mother won’t acknowledge her as a part of the family and says that she’s nothing but a burden. Her family has abandoned her leaving her to sleep under the open air behind the parent’s house. Sometimes they don’t even help her to bed, so she has to sleep in the wheelchair. All she wants is a place of her own; a room with a roof and a toilet. Her father who died recently owned properties inDouala, wherefore it shouldn’t be difficult to find a place. But the family refuses to spend a penny on her.

Now the woman wants to take her mother to court for abandoning her obligations towards her and is asking WCIC for advice and legal assistance

This woman is definitely a part of WCIC’s target group, wherefore we of course has taken her case and hopefully we’ll get her a dry place to stay and money to survive. She deserves a decent living as well as anybody else.